“They’ve given you a number and taken away your name.”
Johnny Rivers, Secret Agent Man

Welcome to a lonely outpost for the long-discontinued James Bond 007 RPG by Victory Games. I am slowly assembling the site but there is not likely to be that much material as compared to other campaigns. This is because the game was so well written and complete but also for one feature unique to RPG settings; each of the game’s adventures were based on one of the Bond movies. But each module was changed slightly so that knowledge of the movies didn’t really help the players. This was a unique conceit that I don’t think has been repeated since.

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Q Manual:


Mini Cooper +3 3 71 142 578 2 3 16,500

Q Smartphone:
A modern smartphone is now a common device that intelligence agencies merely a generation ago might have killed for. With the ability to film and store video, access the internet and its primary purpose of communication, a smartphone should have been invented by Q Branch.

As it turns out, Q Branch procures top-line smartphones from common sources and then modifies them further.

The base phone will be usuable on most national carriers. It will have limited walkie-talkie capacity. When Q is finished with the phone, it will also:

  • have a section of memory that can be permanently deleted with a particular series of unlikely keystrokes (DEX roll at EF 5 to delete in combat, about a minute and automatic success if not rushed).
  • be able to scan, receive and transmit on almost any known band of frequencies. The phone has very poor transmission range, and limited abilities to encrypt or decrypt information.
  • store one language within the phone to aid with translation. The phone can translate spoken word from its microphone and written language through its camera. The translation is slow, obvious and easily confused by slang and idomatic language.

Other capabilities may be available for specific missions.

Thrilling Cities:
London is a unique city in the Bond mythos. London is arguably the safest city for an MI6 agent to be in. It is also home. Assualts on London such as in The World is Not Enough and Skyfall are more effectively for their rarity.

In the Bond mythos, MI6 HQ is using the front of Universal Exports, a fake business used to hide the operations of the British Secret Service. In reality, MI6 has a public headquarters with who knows how many other secret places.

In Skyfall, MI6 literally goes underground after the destruction of the public HQ. I rather like this angle for the metaphor and the fact that very few cities have the history that London does underneath its streets.

So in this game, a maze of underground bunkers and tunnels connect above ground locations in London. Here are three from the movies:

  • The real-life public HQ of MI6.
  • The Universal Exports building from the earlier movies.
  • The abandoned London Underground subway station from Die Another Day.

There are likely more features of the MI6 warren, such as:

  • A connection to the MI5 (Domestic Intelligence) section of the underground maze (no doubt a great deal of the labyrinth is shared between the two agencies).
  • Several underground historical sites that currently cannot be revealed to the public without jeopardizing security (WWII bunkers, Celtic burial grounds, etc.). MI6 has allowed a few trusted historians access to these sites to analyze and catalog them for the day when they can be revealed.
  • A recreation area where agents can let off steam. While not exactly planned by M, she allows it to remain to help reduce stress on the agents (it is also a plot device for the game).

Names Are For Tombstones

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